Faithful Service through Diagnostic Analytics.

Fidelis Analytics is a suite of services designed to provide our clients with a zero cost solution to reducing readmissions, improving quality scores, increasing cash flow and improving operational efficiencies.  Our system provides daily updates, is incredibly user friendly, and eliminates the hassle of costly and time consuming integration.




Reduce readmissions, stratify risk, decrease re-admits, save time on call-backs, create revenue.

Our Readmission Condition Index (ra·con) is a highly customized algorithm designed to accurately  predict readmissions – up to 95% accurate.  The algorithm is hospital specific, based on your unique situation. Further, ra·con is updated daily, upon admission of a patient, to make sure you are receiving the most accurate information possible. No integration is required so it’s up and running in a few days. To maximize the benefits of ra·con, Fidelis Analytics will work with your team to create and implement a Post-Acute Care program designed to mitigate readmissions and provide additional revenue to your facility and ultimately benefit your patients.



Integration features without additional expenditure.

FiBi is a remarkably easy to use user friendly web based business intelligence tool.  This powerful point and click tool is updated daily and provides your team with patient level details.  Ad-hoc reports, data analytics, and the various industry reports are quickly and easily completed, without having to write code or know SQL.


You already have the data… we know how to read it.

Typically, most systems have critical data, but no way to easily access the information.  Our process makes this a nonfactor.  We have over 30 years combined experience in getting data from just about every system on the market.  We will work with your designated team member to automate the data extraction – without costly integration.  The time frame can vary from 7 business days to 15 business days, with the typical go-live time-frame of 10 days.


When your data is processed through our proprietary analytic system, we can accurately predict which patients will be re-admits. Through our readmission risk assessment tool, you’ll have access to operational reports (length of stay, frequent flyer, etc…) and assessments by our seasoned team to make sure that Fidelis Analytics is “no cost” solution provider.


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IMPACT Act of 2014

The focus on the provision of quality care and the link to value-based purchasing has never been more in the forefront. Organizations struggle with the balance between the financial constraints of today’s healthcare cost and the ever increasing regulations that are shaping healthcare today. [ link to whitepaper ]


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